la pointe

La Pointe is a ready-to-camp microshelter designed for the Poisson Regional Park, located north of Ottawa. With its large triangular geometry, the shelter is a reinterpretation of the legendary A-frame popularised in North America during the 1950s. It was important for the designers to create a simple, almost sign-like object which would offer a functional solar panel and be able to house two to four guests. This project was built on-site in only a few weeks by L'Abri construction team.


Timeless, the batten seam sheet roofing is a nod to rural buildings of yesteryear. The natural cedar siding will develop a silver patina over time.



type          shelter

location    Poisson Blanc Regional Park

design       l'abri

year          2018

photos      jack jérôme & ronny lebrun (content content)