jeanne mance

This project consisted of the renovation of a housing unit in the old First Presbyterian Church building, located in the McGill ghetto in downtown Montreal. The church, built in 1910 by the Montreal architect Alexander Cowper Hutchison, had been transformed into a residential building in 1984.

The existing floorplan is rethought in order to integrate the kitchen, a small and narrow room with no windows, into the living quarters. The demolition of the walls allows the placement of a long peninsula counter. The old service room now opens towards the dining and living rooms. Under the skylight, the white cupboards give way to the counter’s thin slab of black granite. The contrast between the two highlights the interplay between the horizontal surface element and the imposing pre-existing black marble fireplace mantel. The brass light fixtures stand in contrast with the black and white composition’s sleek shapes and tie the space together.

An Italian shower, deep and narrow, is integrated to the en suite bathroom. The dark mosaic ceramic tiling accentuates the minimal dimensions of the space as well as the contrast with the otherwise white room.

In the main bathroom, the shower is moved directly underneath a skylight. Here, the dark ceramic frames the interplay between surface and light. Again, the contrast between black and white modulates the space.

type    residential renovation

location   montréal

design    l'abri

year    2016

photos    jack jérôme