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The Modulor team is once again rising to a major challenge by completing a complex project in 6 months through the duality of its two programs; an ultra-compact brewery and a warm and friendly dining room.

To maximize the space dedicated to the dining room, the multidisciplinary team of Modulor and L'Abri worked closely with the technical team of Brasseurs du Nord to design and build a brewery on two levels, where the brewing tanks are stacked on top of the cold room containing the beer barrels. Improving the ventilation system to control the excess humidity caused by the brewing activities required creativity and collaboration with the building managers since two ventilo-convectors had to be installed outside the premises.

On the dining room and bar side, the team worked with local craftsmen, including the cabinetmaker Inat who made the solid wood furniture and Studio Botté who created the decorative lighting from upcycled elements. Hats off to the craftsmen involved for their dedication as they all managed to meet the imposed deadlines and deliver a quality product. The meticulous integration of all technical equipment, including the 16 beer lines, leaves plenty of room for architectural elements, making the originally cold and industrial space warm and friendly. Let's also mention the curtain wall separating the two spaces that was covered with oak on the dining room side. A technical challenge that the team is proud to have met and that greatly contributes to the charm of the space.

type   commercial

location    montreal

design    l'abri

year    2022

photos    raphaël thibodeau

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