The Accuracy project is the most recent built using the design-build approach with the team at L’Abri. This approach allows the project to be carried out in a much shorter time frame (6 months in this case). That being said, this adds pressure on the team, which must be adaptive and reactive, especially in a context of shortages and excessively long lead times for suppliers.


As a general contractor, Modulor's strength lies in its relationships with its subcontractors and suppliers. By having a constructive approach and ensuring that there is a good working atmosphere on site, we encourage everyone to surpass themselves and find creative solutions.


Located on the top floor of a heritage building in the Old Montreal, the first challenge is one of access, the largest deliveries having to be made using cranes, the smallest using the stairs or a small elevator. The second challenge was to implement the mechanical system of the building without a plan normally provided by the building manager. This system also had to respect the architectural objectives and perform well to avoid the potential overheating related to the large skylight.


Taking full advantage of our presence on site and our efficiency, the owner entrusted us with the mandate to bring the building up to standard, which had been neglected for too long. Finally, the team developed a constructive strategy allowing the creation of conference rooms with a clear ceiling height of more than 12ft and very large openings allowing occupants to take advantage of the natural light that bathes the central space.

type   office

location    montreal

design    l'abri

year    2022

photos    raphaël thibodeau