In close collaboration with La Clef de Voûte, cabinetmaker on the project, we refurbished the kitchen area, the bathrooms and the terrace of a large condo unit in downtown Montreal. The biggest challenge of the project was to coordinate meticulously the mechanics and the cabinetmaker, especially for the installation of the slats on the kitchen ceiling.


Hats off to the whole team who had to show ingenuity to hide so much equipment and leave all the room for architectural elements to shine. Second challenge, the difficult access to the unit forced the team to work with a crane to raise the largest elements of the project. Finally, shout-out to the temporary protection work of our site team, which had to deal with an existing stretched ceiling to be kept and several pieces of fragile furniture on site during the work.

type   residential

location    montreal

design    pierre olivier décor

year    2022

photos    adrien williams